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Warranty Division

At U.S. Barrier Surveying Co. we stand behind what we do. Period. We offer an optional Transferable Limited Warranty of Certification on ADA building and facility certificates we issue. This provides Lenders, Investment Firms, Insurance Companies, and Property Owners with real peace of mind by reducing liability, lowering cost expectations, providing tangible long term value and lowering life-cycle costs. Complete USBS quality assurance. You won't find another warranty of its kind, anywhere.


Here are a few of the key benefits of our Warranty:

(read the Warranty in it's entirety for complete conditions and exclusions)

Our Warranty is issued in association with the following types of Certificates:

Certificate of ADA Compliance - Existing Building or Facility


Certificate of ADA Compliance - New Building or Facility


Certification renewal for a period of time as allowed in the renewed Certificate.


We're so confident in the thoroughness of our surveying and certification program, that in the event we miss anything during our initial ADA Barrier Survey, USBS will pay up to $5,000 (U.S. dollars) for each claim (subject to a 2-claim maximum over the life of the certificate) for a total of $10,000 for the cost associated with remedying the architectural barrier. Now that's peace of mind!

Warranty Coverage Period:

Valid for 5 or 10 years


Selling your property? No problem! Ownership of the warranty may be transferred to a new buyer or transferee at no charge (subject to the conditions in the Warranty Transfer Application).

Added Value:

All surveys and certifications undergo a very strict in-house review and audit by various managers and the USBS Certification and Warranty Review Board prior to issuance.


Requires Owners to submit an Annual Certification Health Check-Up form each and every year after the Certificate is issued and for the duration of the effective period of the Certificate.


Ensures that Owners stay on top of their obligations to maintain accessible environments.


Warranty Ownership Transfers
The USBS Warranty of Certification is completely transferable (subject to the conditions in the Warranty Transfer Application). Simply fill out and submit a Warranty Transfer Application and we'll get you moving.


Note: In order for the application to be considered, you must submit the form to USBS no less than 30 days after the sale or transfer of the property title.

Warranty Claim Form

To file a claim, complete a Warranty Claim Form and submit it to your Warranty & Claims Coordinator, or call USBS for complete instructions.

Contractor Authorization

Upon written approval by USBS and after approval of a claim, use our Contractor Authorization Form to request approval of a local contactor to perform the modifications.


Open the following link to view an online version of our Transferable Limited Warranty of Certification.