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USBS Rapid Reponse™

If you need ADA Barrier Surveys fast, members of our USBS Rapid Response™ team can rapidly mobilize and deploy to multiple locations across the country on short notice. This specialized team utilizes a highly efficient business matrix supported by cutting edge software, equipment and electronics in order to obtain extreme efficiency in the field. This results in a high level of mobility, accuracy in reporting and communications, wireless electronic file transfers to other team and client members and lowered cost expectations. Utilizing GPS technology and the best location mapping software available, team members can get in and get out of a geographical location without wasting time looking for a particular address.

The USBS Rapid Response™ team consists of:

bulletA team of highly mobile rapid responders specifically trained to carry out ADA barrier survey work.
bulletA highly efficient business plan matrix based on specific client and program needs.
bulletCutting edge software, equipment and wireless electronics that allow team members to operate proficiently and at minimum cost across the full spectrum.
bulletThe ability to handle multiple large scale national ADA barrier survey programs at the same time.