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Barrier Surveys

U.S. Barrier Surveying Company (USBS) provides onsite ADA barrier surveys of new and existing buildings and facilities.  Our surveys can cover everything on your site, including all exterior and interior portions of the buildings, and include a complete assessment of the condition of each element, space or feature required to be accessible.  We include color photographs, a description of each non-conforming condition with recorded measurements, the estimated costs to remediate, and citations to the applicable code sections from the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG). All of our barrier surveys undergo a strict quality check by the Survey Supervisor or Plan Manager prior to finalization and issuance to the client. The information is then presented to the client in a professional format.

bulletPre-acquisition investigations
bulletPre-design stages
bulletInsurance underwriting
bulletCourt orders and consent decrees
bulletVerification of post-construction compliance


New Buildings and Facilities

Buildings and facilities constructed generally on or after January 26th, 1992, are considered new and must meet the minimum requirements for new construction under the ADA Accessibility Guidelines (28 CFR, 36.401).


Existing Buildings and Facilities

Buildings and facilities constructed before January 26th, 1992, must meet the minimum requirements established by the U.S. Dept. of Justice for the removal of readily achievable architectural barriers. Alterations or additions to buildings or facilities that commence after January 26th, 1992, must comply with the requirements for alterations or additions in the ADA Accessibility Guidelines (28 CFR, 36.402).


USBS offers a certification for buildings and facilities that have successfully completed ADA remediation work resulting from an ADA Barrier Survey provided by USBS.


New Client Questionnaire
New clients to USBS should complete and return a New Client Questionnaire. Your USBS representative will contact you once the information is received.


Our promise: we will never voluntarily share your information with any third party. Period.

Building & Facility Evaluation Form

In order to assess your needs, please provide us with a Building & Facility Evaluation Form.

USBS Rapid Response™

If you need to get surveys done fast, ask about the USBS Rapid Response™ service.

Authorization of Agent

Owners that wish to designate an Authorized Agent, to do business with USBS on their behalf, will need to complete and submit an Authorization of Agent form.