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Barrier Removal Plans

Barrier Removal Plans are simply Barrier Surveys in Transition. Whether you're taking a proactive role in meeting your obligations under the Title III provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act, or your needs stem from legal action, U.S. Barrier Surveying can assist building and facility owners in getting the job done.

A Barrier Removal Plan managed by U.S. Barrier Surveying Co. may include the following:


A complete ADA Barrier Survey of existing conditions of the building or facility.


Survey analysis to determine which barriers can be readily removed and easily accomplished without much difficulty or expense.


Client impact minimization and mitigation of the conditions as per criteria established by the U.S. Dept. of Justice.


A flexible, time-specific schedule for removing the barriers, while considering client budgeting, procurement and life-cycle costs.


Satisfying a federal or state court order or decree.


Designated expert witness services in a court of law.


Final review and certification at the successful completion of the Plan and all subsequent remedial work.


Certificate of Completion - ADA Barrier Removal Plan

Issued for a building or facility that has successfully completed a comprehensive ADA Barrier Removal Plan managed by U.S. Barrier Surveying Co. This certificate is valid for a period of up to 10 years from the Date of Issuance (visit the Warranty Division for details).

Our Certificate of Barrier Removal Plan may assist building and facility owners in minimizing the likelihood of claims of ADA violations. In the event of a complaint of non compliance to the Department of Justice, the existence of a barrier removal plan may very well satisfy the complainant or the Department of your compliance. USBS will stand behind our Barrier Removal Plan Certificate of Completion and will provide expert testimony that the plan meets the ADA barrier removal requirements of Section 302, 42 USC 12182 in any litigation.

Available to satisfy both short and long term needs, our Barrier Removal Plan and certification process will give building and facility owners real peace of mind.


Building or Facility Certification Available
Upon successful completion of an ADA Barrier Removal Plan, USBS provides an opportunity for certification of the building or facility in the appropriate certification category.


Visit the Certifications area to learn more.